donderdag 4 november 2010

Techno labels: my current favorites!

Hi all,

Can't wait to post more, so here we go. As some of you might know I'm mostly into new mainstream techno, the raw german/swedish kinda stuff. So as to no surprise the following labels are currently leading my personal charts:

- CREATE LEARN REALIZE (CLR Records, previously know as, surprisingly, Chris Liebing Records
- Drumcode, Adam Beyers pumpin and stompin all in train techno label
- 1605...more of the rollin-and-strollin kind, makes it awesome.

Which are your favorites? Some of which I might not have heard? Let me know!


Hi all, very excited to start this blog, something I´ve been contemplating for a while now. Let´s start of with a bangin´ classic to get in the mood: JEFF MILLS.

BTW, you like my design?